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Android Booster FREE is an application used to improve the performance of your Android device (cell phone or tablet) in the least time possible.

You can give your device a little stimulus just by clicking on a button so that the application takes care of making the necessary improvements. In addition to this little automatic stimulus, you can decide to see a list of the applications currently functioning to manually close those that you're not using and that are consuming energy.

Other interesting benefits included in the application are the battery manager, which includes 4 different modes and allows you to lengthen the battery time of the device depending on the situation; and the network manager that will quickly show you which applications are using the Internet.

Android Booster FREE is a set of very useful tools that help each user to improve the performance of his or her device and the duration of its battery. In addition, it includes other interesting benefits such as an antivirus and an integrated file manager.
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